Sound Design

Selected Videos:

2011 – Desierto Blanco / Animation Short

2008 – Ventosa / Animation Short

2007 – Noche / Animation Short

2006 – Swing / Animation Short

2006 – Ministry Messiah / Animation Short


For the uninitiated, Sound Design can sometimes be a confusing and, either all encompassing, or very focused and narrow. One of the reasons the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences does not recognize “Sound Design” as a role that can be accurately awarded. For one thing, a Sound Designer may only work on a certain aspect of the soundtrack, like the final mix, for example. In other contexts, Sound Designers may only work with ¬† with sound effects editing only, or may play primarily a supervising role; a kind of “sound director.”

These days it is commonly understood that hiring a Sound Designer means that you are hiring a Supervising Sound Editor. This role provides the vision, aesthetic and the process by which the entire sound track will be created. It is a leadership role that answers directly to the creative heart of the production, whether it is an animator or director.

The application of “Sound Designer” in my credits¬†does toe the line in terms of what my specific roles were project to project. For the purposes of viewing my work accurately, “Sound Designer” denotes that I often recorded Foley and edited it, captured field recordings , mixed and prepared for delivery all aspects of the sound track. There are a few exceptions and I have attempted to note those on the projects that apply.


Sound Effects Editing –

Foley Engineering/Editing –

Music Engineering/Production/Editing/Mixing –

Dialog & Voiceover Editing –

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