Utilizing my diverse set of collaborative, customer service and creative skills in a setting made up of like minded individuals is my ultimate goal.

I am a diversely skilled individual. I have graphic design, proofing and printing experience. I write compelling press releases. I rock at massaging a design out of bland WordPress templates and I can manipulate any idea and have it come to life on the web. I am a master editor of production dialog but I also am an intrepid ear bending sound designer and composer.

I have been an instructor of my primary skill of mastery at the post secondary level. I created a curriculum and a template for instruction which has become a part of the permanent curriculum. I initiated practical projects, technical exams and aesthetic and technical lectures to arm filmmakers with the nomenclature and basic skills to succeed in film sound.

My sound designs and music scores have been featured all over the world in festivals as far flung as Shanghai, Paris and Mexico City. I have won awards for mixing and scoring and am currently working on several side projects including a rock group and major short film score.

The record label I co-founded has signed over 25 artists and released over 50 releases in the last 7 years. I am ecommerce and blog savvy. I have designed HTML newsletters, written dozens of reviews and written and edited a podcast.

As you can see, I have many technical skills that range from web, graphic, aural and instruction. I am uniquely suited as a critical thinker and technical designer to meet many challenges business finds in the wide world of sound design, social media, viral marketing and project management.

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